Une Balade au Merlan


La cité d’expérience of Noisy-le-Sec, experimental site of prefabricated houses created at the end of World War II, is today the subject of a controversial heritage. The district was registered at the “additional inventory of historical monuments” in 2000, questionning dramatically its future. A multidisciplinary team (a designer, a multimedia scriptwriter and a PhD student) was created to tell this story through a narrative based on an interactive view of the district, archive images of singular houses and video interviews with experts and inhabitants. This project question a methodological issue in digital humanities: how to reformulate a research process for an uninitiated audience by means of digital artifacts ? How to use differents types of media and data to tell a contemporary controversy ? Une Balade au Merlan has to be seen as a companion to Caroline Bougourd's PhD thesis.


Project Team

Principal Investigator : Caroline Bougourd (Université Paris 1)
Co-Writers : Robin de Mourat (Université Rennes 2), Loup Cellard (Maison des Sciences de l'Homme de Bretagne).
Interviews and documentation: Caroline Bougourd
Art Direction : Robin de Mourat.
Production : Loup Cellard
Web dev and technical direction : Jérôme Tailhades
Drawings : Delphine Durocher
Sound Design: Alexandre Ferreira
Photography: Clémence Sgarbi, Guillaume Zekkout
Editing: Tony Gagniarre, Loup Cellard, Robin de Mourat
Coordination at Nicéphore Cité: Gabriel Bloch


Nicéphore Cité (Chalons sur Saône, France)