Private Ducal Correspondences in Early Modern Germany


Private correspondences of early modern Saxon dukes and duchesses since John Frederick the Magnanimous (1503-1554) were digitized, transcribed in full text and annotated, their metadata were recorded in a database. By means of the xml-based software EXMARaLDA, the texts were linguistically annotated and analysed for phenomena like genderlect, language change, dialect, grammar, lexis, orality-literacy and signals of modesty and politeness. The annotated corpus (600 letters, 262.468 tokens) has been published and provided for further linguistic research in the LAUDATIO-Repository. On collections@UrMEL, the letter transcriptions (TEI/XML) and the digital copies are accessible for historical and literary researchers and the general public.



Friedrich Schiller University of Jena
Humboldt University of Berlin
ThULB Jena
Thüringisches Hauptstaatsarchiv Weimar

Project Team

Prof. Dr. Rosemarie Lühr
Dr. Vera Faßhauer
Daniela Prutscher, M.A.
Henry Seidel, M.A.