Book of the Dead Project

The Egyptian “Book of the Dead” is a corpus of c. 200 spells in the form of texts and/or illustrations and witnessed in varying order and completeness by c. 3000 objects. Regarding data standards and techniques, the digital environment resides completely in the X-world. The archive provides several browse & search facilities, input interfaces and various indices and visualizations allowing to explore the textual and visual witnesses. While constructed during a short funding phase in 2011/12, the resource is curated continuously as regards technology (by the CCeH) and content (by the community of egyptology).



Bonn University (Egyptology)
University of Cologne / Cologne Center for eHumanities (Digital Humanities)

Project Team

Marcus Müller et al. (Egyptology)
Ulrike Henny, Patrick Sahle, Jonathan Blumtritt et al. (Digital Humanities)


North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Science, Humanities and the Arts