Italian Paleography

Italian Paleography is a Mellon-funded digital project on Italian vernacular Paleography, which provides digital tools to learn and teach how to read handwritten original sources dating from the late 1100s to the late 1700s, offering a wide range of examples and hands-on exercises. 
The website features digitized images of 102 manuscripts and documents; transcriptions and background essays for each item; an updated and customized version of the T-Pen transcription tool to actively transcribe manuscripts and documents; a selection of calligraphy books and historical manuscript maps; a handbook of Italian vernacular scripts; additional resources, including a glossary, list of abbreviations and symbols, dictionaries, and teaching materials.



The Newberry Library, in collaboration with the University of Toronto Libraries
Saint Louis University Ong Center for Digital Humanities

Project Team

Isabella Magni (Rutgers University)
Lia Markey (Newberry Library)
Maddalena Signorini (Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata)


Mellon Foundation