Distant Reading for European Literary History

Distant Reading

The COST Action "Distant Reading for European Literary History" is a European networking project bringing together scholars interested interested in corpus building, quantitative text analysis and European literary history. It aims to create a vibrant and diverse network of researchers jointly developing the resources and methods necessary to change the way European literary history is written. Fostering insight into cross-national, large-scale patterns and evolutions across European literary traditions, it will facilitate the creation of a broader, more inclusive and better-grounded account of European literary history and cultural identity.



We have partner institutions from 29 European countries: https://www.cost.eu/actions/CA16204/#tabs|Name:parties

Project Team

Management Committee Chair: Prof. Christof Schöch
Management Committee Vice-Chair: Prof. Maciej Eder
Working Group Leads: Ms Carolin Odebrecht; Prof. Mike Kestemont; Dr Antonija Primorac; Dr Justin Tonra


COST Action CA16204 - "Distant-Reading"