Welcome to the world of machiavellianotium! This website documents the research of a project dedicated to discovering a somewhat different side of Machiavelli: not the public servant engaged in Florentine politics and diplomacy, writing about the forces and schemes of power, but rather, a man who lives, writes, and struggles in a period of forced otium: the famous ‘ozi letterari’ which Niccolò nevertheless uses strategically, as a practice of retreat. We invite you to trace the forms and facets of Machiavellian otium in the former secretary’s correspondence from 1513 to 1527 at the crossroads of literature, philology, history, political thought, and digital humanities.


Project Team

Judith Frömmer
Andrea Guidi
Stefano Saracino
Christian Feichtinger


CRC 1015 'Otium'
Universität Freiburg
Universität Wien
Università di Bologna - Department of Political and Social Sciences