Iberian Books

Iberian Books offers a foundational listing of all books published in Spain, Portugal and the New World or printed elsewhere in Spanish or Portuguese during the Golden Age, 1472-1700. Bringing together information on 131,000 items, surviving in 650,000 copies worldwide, it is embedded within a platform that uses data repository services, GIS + digital mapping, data visualisation, computer vision/image search, web annotations, IIIF and Mirador. Ground-breaking searches are possible (for instance by gender or size of the work), while 230,000 pages contain illustrations or ornamental features which have been indexed and made searchable using image-match technology.



Seebibyte Project Oxford
Google Books
Biblioteca Nacional de España
Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal

Project Team

Professor Sandy Wilkinson
Dr Alejandra Ulla Lorenzo
Dr Alba de la Cruz Redondo
Dr John B. Howard
Mr Peter Clarke


Andrew W. Mellon Foundation