Polish Literature Newsletter

Polish Literature Newsletter

Polish Literature Newsletter is a project directed towards the community of Polish language teachers – institutions, researchers, educators, academics and students concerned with literature, linguistics and Polish culture. It aims to create a specialized portal that would form a space to present news about current academic life, specifically scholars, academic institutions, conferences, trainings, contests, new researches, job offers in the academic, research and cultural centers. Portal serves as a tool, that proved to be useful in everyday work of a Polish philologist and leads to interdisciplinary cooperation, documenting academic life and self-promotion of the Polish language. Newsletter is co-edited by academic units that wish to cooperate on equal terms. Editors-coordinators representing academic institutions take the full responsibility for the data within its institute or faculty being up to date.



Centrum Humanistyki Cyfrowej
Instytutu Badań Literackich PAN
Poznańskie Centrum
Międzynarodowe Stowarzyszenie
Studiów Polonistycznych

Project Team

Mariola Wilczak (Project Coordinator)
Olga Zakolska
Sylwia Pikula
Przemysław Górecki