The Medici Archive Project: BIA Platform


BIA represents the culmination of over twenty years of research and development in historical scholarship and digital humanities. BIA is more than a search tool, but a digital portal to an otherwise lost world of early modern Europe from the perspective of Grand Ducal Tuscany. BIA allows for advanced searches into the epistolary collection of the Grand Ducal Medici family. Users are able to find entire volumes or individual documents by search through place, person, and category tags, archival collocation, date of creation, and keywords (from their Italian transcription and/or English synopsis), and then annotate and discuss documents in dedicated forums.



Archivio di Stato di Firenze
Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali

Project Team

Alessio Assonitis, Director of the Medici Archive Project
Lorenzo Allori, Technology Director
Lorenzo Pasquinelli, Senior Developer
Matteo Doni, Junior Developer
Joana Amill Luzondo, Web Graphic Designer
Tamara Graziotti, Paleographer
Vanozza Corsini, Paleographer
Giovanni Piccolino Boniforti, Digitization Technician
Caterina Pardi, Digitization Technician
Maurizio Arfaioli, Tester and Senior Scholar
Samuel M. Gallacher, Assistant Director


Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation