Lviv Interactive

Lviv Interactive (LIA) is a web-accessible, interactive historical map of the city of Lviv. The map seeks to present the contemporary, living city in its historical dimension rather than reproducing a static picture of the past. This concept sets the project apart from a variety of existing history-centered internet sites also based on city maps. Historical relevance is considered from the perspective of how it helped shape today's city: its outward appearance, internal functioning and socio-cultural system. The projects consists of two parts: Digital Urban Encyclopedia of Lviv and Digital Research Laboratory.

Main objectives of Digital Urban Encyclopedia:

  • maintaining a collection of digitalized and digital-born documents about the history of Lviv;
  • developing the biggest on-line database and interactive map of architechtural objects, the histories of streets, neighborhoods, districts, and territories of Lviv;
  • developing the biggest on-line database and interactive map of institutions, events, and people of Lviv or connected to Lviv;
  • developing and maintaining the biggest data-base of contemporary photos of Lviv;
  • a database for digitilazed archival materials about Lviv;
  • digital historical representation documents and visual collections of Lviv.

Main objectives of Digital Research Laboratory:

  • creating a laboratory to support, develop, and promote projects which materialize from the intersection of humanities and computing;
  • supporting reserach that engages creative spatial, textual and visual analysis of sourses;
  • pioneering new approaches on combining computational methods with humanistic inquiry;
  • supporting reserch projects that transcend textual sources and combining them with multimedia;
  • developing visualization of cultural data sets;
  • developing instruments for digital storytelling projects.


Project Team

Oksana Dudko
Olha Zarechnyuk
Liubomyr Olijnyk
Andrii Linik


Center for Urban History of East Central Europe