DHow - Digital Humanities How

DHow (Digital Humanities How) is a database and interactive problem solving platform, on which will be reported or ex novo loaded tutorials related to the most used software in the field of humanistic research. Everything will be accompanied by numerous examples and will be surrounded by a constant interaction between authors and users. DHow is an integral part of the work of EDLI (Eterodossie e Dissenso nella Letteratura Italiana, project sponsored by the University of Molise and the cultural association "Lo Stilo di Fileta"). This site - hosted on Hypotheses platform - is published by "Al Segno di Fileta" (www.alsegnodifileta.com).



Gruppo di Studi "Eterodossie e dissenso nella letteratura italiana" (Università del Molise)
Associazione culturale "Lo Stilo di Fileta"

Project Team

Antonello Fabio Caterino
Giovanna Battaglino
Alessandra Di Meglio