Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe (ERNiE)


Mapping the culture-borne international spread of nationalism in Europe’s "Romantic Century," 1789-1914. ERNiE contains analytical articles on persons and themes, as well as multimedia illustrative documentation: texts, images and audio. All these are relationally linked. There are also interactive visualizations of social and geographic networks. Patterns can be traced culturally (between art-forms), in knowledge production (across academic disciplines), transnationally (between cultural communities) and historically (dynamically rendered as they morph in time and space). ERNiE is maintained online as a relational database and freely accessible to the public through an intuitive front-end interface.



Faculty of Humanities, University of Amsterdam
Huizinga Institute (Netherlands National Research School for Cultural History)
Database architecture/modelling and PUI developed in NODEGOAT technology by lab1100.com
NISE (Antwerp-based research hub on Nationalism and Intermediary Structures in Europe, www.nise.eu) ERNiE is co-hosted at http://ernie.nise.eu).

Project Team

Joep Leerssen, University of Amsterdam
Stefan Poland, University of Amsterdam
Simon Halink, Fryske Akademy
Terry Gunnell, University of Reykjavík


NWO (Netherlands funding organization) through the Spinoza Award 2008
Royal Netherlands Academy through the Academy Professorship Award 2010.