FactGrid is a Wikibase installation offering its services free of charge to international projects in all the fields of historical research. The software allows to handle triple based information across all language barriers in one larger data pool. The platform is hosted by the University of Erfurt, coordinated at the Gotha Research Centre and technically monitored at Wikimedia Germany. Projects can open project spaces on the site and, with a bit of technical knowledge, present their data independently on local interfaces they create for that purpose.

The software is provided by Wikimedia Germany. We are working on a wider data integration with the German National Library and the German National Research Data Infrastructure, NFDI. Prominent project partners are the Institut d’histoire moderne et contemporaine, IHMC in Paris, the PhiloBiblon project in Berkeley and Barcelona, the Germania Sacra Project with partners in Göttingen, Jena and Rome and a dozen of individual projects at universities from Konstanz, Aachen, and Erfurt, to Birmingham, Durham and Istanbul.

Project Team

Olaf Simons, Gotha Research Centre at the University of Erfurt; Bruno Belhoste, formerly IHMC in Paris; Charles Faulhaber, Bancroft Library Berkeley, and about 100 further participants


Gotha Research Centre at the University of Erfurt