Associate & Partner Organizations

“What is an Associate Organization?”

We believe that joint representation of the DH community in Europe is an important strategic measure to develop our field and support individual researchers and teaching & research initiatives in the Digital Humanities.

One way of achieving this goal is to network regional European DH associations. To this end, regional initiatives and associations have the option of becoming an Associate Organization of EADH (on application).  Regional organizations who obtain this status remain autonomous; however, for a small basic fee their members will enjoy all benefits provided for by EADH and ADHO. Five regional organizations have already become Associate Organizations of EADH in this way:

  • Italian organization AIUCD - Associazione Informatica Umanistica e Cultura Digitale,
  • Czech organization CzADH - Czech Association for Digital Humanities,
  • German language based DHd - Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen Raum (Digital Humanities in the German-speaking world),
  • Nordic organization DHNB - Digital Humanities in the Northern and Baltic countries
  • Russian organization DH Russia - Russian Association for Digital Humanities.

“What benefits will our regional members get, and what are the additional costs?”

Once a regional organization has been accepted as an Associate Organization of EADH, its members are automatically also full members of EADH – they enjoy the full range of benefits and can vote and be voted for in all EADH elections. The additional cost is equivalent to the "membership only" fee applicable across all ADHO organizations. For further details please click here.

“What are the benefits for our regional association?”

Your regional association will be part of the international ADHO community and will share in all benefits, such as representation, technical and administrative infrastructure including webhosting on ADHO’s own administered server, mailing lists etc.

For further information on obtaining Associate Organization status including costs, benefits for individuals and the organization, application procedure etc. please click here.

"What is a Partner Organization?"

A Partner Organisation (PO) is an organization in the European Digital Humanities that EADH recognizes as supporting the interests of the DH scientific community and therefore interesting for members of EADH. News from partner organisations is welcome on the EADH website.  Members of  partner organisations are invited to become members of EADH on a personal level. PO's do not have any special representation in the EADH Executive Committee other than through the general EADH elections.

Current Partner Organizations are: