Multilingual Knowledge Web platform for educational and research institutions using blockchain technologies

The continuous growth of produced data by research institutions and other knowledge generators rises the strategic question of how this data could be handled. When this question can be solved by using big data technologies appliance, the issue of effective use of research data worldwide remains. In order to deal with it, the multilingual knowledge web platform concept was developed. This blockchain technology-based web platform should contain an algorithm of plain and effective knowledge exchange between different scientific communities from different countries. Alongside with a resolved issue of speed of data processing with help of cloud solution, the other pain points as multilingualism, relevance and authorship due to decentralized nature of technology were considered. The system should be designed in the way that helps to ease the communication on similar research studies and bring development of those in the most progressive way. In the future, such web platform can unite communities of different subject areas and be monetized by implementing cryptocurrencies or other shared goods.


Project Team


Mikhail Brusakov