The am of this project is to study both graphic representation and scale models of territories, cities and fortifications, and machines. It also analyses other buildings made by military engineers in the service of the Spanish Monarchy, whose profession (in design), achieved a progressive specialization during these centuries.

Automatic data modeling can facilitate the analysis of images and its metadata, so it is applied a technique for the modelling and managemente of the DIMH corpus. The application has been carried out improving the process at every stage by the researcher’s suggestions, making use of a visualization framework specially developed.



Facultad de Geografía e Historia, ETSI Informática (UNED)
Universidad de Barcelona
Universidad de Tetuán
Universidad de Tetuán
Univ. Cath. Lovaina
Estudio de arquitectura Fernando Cobos

Project Team

Alicia Cámara (Head of the Project)
Ana García Serrano
Philippe Bragard
Antonio Bravo Nieto
Fernando Cobos Guerra
Consuelo Gómez López
Jesús López Díaz
Juan Miguel Muñoz Corbalán
Alfonso Muñoz Cosme
Emilie de Thonel d’Orgeix
Margarita Ana Vázquez Manassero
Isabelle Warmoes


Spanish Project HAR2012-31117. Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (España)