Epigraphia 3D


Epigraphia 3D is an innovative project that aims to bridge the gap between research in the Humanities and technology research in engineering graphics. It offers a selection of Roman inscriptions digitized in 3D from the National Archaeological Museum (Madrid, Spain) and the National Museum of Roman Art (Mérida, Spain) to young students and general public. Researchers from various Spanish universities and experienced High School teachers have been developing this project since 2014.



University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
National Archaeological Museum
National Museum of Roman Art

Project Team

Manuel Ramírez-Sánchez (Project Director)
Carlos Cabanillas Núñez
Mª Ángeles Castellano Hernández
Mª Dolores García de Paso Carrasco
Manel García Sánchez
Helena Gimeno Pascual
Sebastià Giralt Soler
Salvador Muñoz Molina
Ana Ovando Moros
Gregorio Rodríguez Herrera
José Pablo Suárez Rivero


Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology – Ministry of Economic Affairs and Competitiviness