e-Identity - Multiple Collective Identities


In this three-year interdisciplinary Project social scientists and computer-linguists from three German research institutions worked together to analyse the discursive emergence of multiple collective identities in a corpus of 460.917 press articles on wars and humanitarian military interventions taken from six countries over a period of 22 years. They developed two cutting-edge corpus-analytic tools, the Complex Concept Builder and the Exploration Workbench, to deal with crucial research-practical challenges and their solutions, including the creation of the corpus, the elaboration of semi-automatic tools for corpus cleaning, the translation of discourse-theoretical concepts into workable coding definitions, and the retrieval of quantifiable results.


Project Team

Prof. Dr. Cathleen Kantner
Prof. Dr. Jonas Kuhn
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Heid
Prof. Dr. Manfred Stede
PD Dr. Udo Tietz
Maximilian Overbeck
Dr. André Blessing
Fritz Kliche
Jonathan Sonntag


German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)