Donatism. Online Dynamic Bibliography

“Donatism. Online Dynamic Bibliography” is a collaborative group library of the Donatism, containing more than 3000 items relevant to specific aspects of the African schism occurred at Carthage between 312 and 411. It treats primary sources and secondary literature. The primary sources include Ancient Authors, Medieval Authors, Passions, Councils, Imperial Communications, Lost Works, instead the secondary literature includes Encyclopaedias, Studies (articles and monographies), Translations, Bibliographies, Thesis and Book Reviews. 
In this collaborative group library are included titles mostly in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish on topics such as Political History, Biblical Exegesis, Archaeological Studies, Church History and Theology.



Sapienza University of Rome

Project Team

Paola Marone
Stanislaw Adamiak
Alessandro Rossi
other 51 scholars from many different countries (see