LdoD Archive: Collaborative Digital Archive of the Book of Disquiet

The LdoD Archive is a collaborative digital archive of the Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa. It contains images of the autograph documents, new transcriptions of those documents and also transcriptions of four editions of the work. In addition to reading and comparing transcriptions, the LdoD Archive enables users to collaborate in creating virtual editions of the Book of Disquiet. It also includes a writing module which, in the future, will allow users to write variations based on fragments from the Book. The project started in 2012 and its first release was published in December 2017.



Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT)
Centre for Portuguese Literature at the University of Coimbra (CLP)
Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores, Investigação e Desenvolvimento em Lisboa (INESC-ID)
National Library of Portugal (BNP)
PhD Programme in Materialities of Literature (MATLIT)

Project Team

Manuel Portela [general editor]
António Rito Silva [software architecture]
Luís Lucas Pereira [software programming]
André Santos [software programming]
Diego Giménez [XML encoding]
Tiago Santos [XML encoding]


Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT)