Corpus Coranicum

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The project Corpus Coranicum of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (2007-2024) is exploring the Qur'an from three different angles: (1) Textual History: databases of ancient manuscripts and variant readings give insights into its textual history, (2) Qur’an in History: a documentation of texts from the cultural and religious environment outlines Late Antique features in the text, (3) History of the Text: a literary-chronological commentary studies the Qur’an as a developing speech proclaimed during more than 20 years to a changing audience. The digital publication is also providing other digital research tools like its font ("Coranica") and a text concordance.



Telota (The Electronic Life Of The Academy)

Project Team

Angelika Neuwirth
Michael Marx
Ali Aghaei
Emmanouela Grypeou
Tolou Khademalsharieh
Hannelies Koloska
Yousef Kouriyhe
Oliver Pohl (Telota)
Markus Schnöpf (Telota)


Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities