Recipients of the 2017 EADH Small Grants and Travel Bursaries

7 Apr 2017 - 00:00

EADH are delighted to announce the recipients of the 2017 Small Grants and Travel Bursaries. A short report will be shared via the EADH website on the completion of each project.

Small Grants

  • Anne Baillot, Nations at War?
  • Thomas Bardin, Roman Imperial Coinage
  • Francesca Biliotti, Voices of Madness
  • Stefano Caneva, Cyclades Case Study (PHRC)
  • Aristotelis Hadjakos, Music Edition Based Performance
  • Jan Heilmann, New Testament textual criticism
  • Enrica Salvatori, EpiDoc creator
  • Justin Tonra, EverVerse: Poetry in motion
  • Natalie Tyshkevich, Prozhito diaries
  • Andrei Volodin, Ucmopuku
  • Serena Zampolli, Narrating Grammar

Travel Bursaries

  • Vanessa Juloux, Anatu
  • Cristina Pattuelli, Mary Berenson project