Guidelines for submitting news announcements


We accept the following types of news announcement concerning Digital Humanities in Europe:

  • calls for registration for conferences and courses
  • calls for papers and chapters
  • launches of digital projects
  • tables of contents alerts
  • announcements of funding opportunities, including grants and studentships
  • job offers

In order to be published on our website, please make sure that the events, projects, job offers, and funding opportunities are relevant to the European context.


We encourage you to structure the content so readers can skim it easily. Please identify clearly the title of the announcement, use headers and lists to structure the text, tag in bold important information such as deadlines, and provide links for further details. Finally, since we are publishing content authored by third parties, please avoid expressions in the first person.


We only accept submissions via email to We would like to reduce dirty HTML tags, so please do not forward announcements.

With your message, attach a file encoded in plain text (UTF-8) or Markdown with the text that you want us to publish on the EADH website. You can use online editors such as HTML Cleaner or Dillinger for testing your document.

Before submitting your announcement, please make sure that your file does not contain dirty markup. Submissions that do not comply with this requisite format will not be published.


We would like to promote language diversity and exchange of information between different geographical, linguistic, and cultural communities in Europe. For this reason, we are accepting content in any European language. However, since English is the 'lingua franca' in Digital Humanities, we kindly ask you to provide a translation or a summary in English.


Content should be Creative Commons BY licensed. If you do not state the license explicitly, we understand that by submitting your announcement you have granted us with permission to disseminate and share.