Post date: 26 July 2013

While it is clear that some of the barriers to more widespread acceptance and proliferation of digital methods in humanities research are internal to the community, others are not

Post date: 19 July 2013

Historical sources and narratives about the past infiltrate every corner of the web, from home-made digital media to online exhibitions, across social networks and in virtual museums.

Post date: 18 July 2013

The Humboldt Chair of Digital Humanities at the University of Leipzig is developing a sequence of English-language courses on digital philology that will begin in the

Post date: 08 July 2013

We are very happy to announce that thanks to a generous support from CLARIN-D we can now offer some travel / accommodation bursaries. To give interested

Post date: 05 July 2013

The Australasian Association for Digital Humanities (aaDH) is pleased to announce its second conference, to be held at The University of Western Australia, 18-21 March, 2014.

Post date: 03 July 2013

CLARIN is a pan-European initiative which aims to build a research infrastructure for language resources integrating numerous tools and resources in a distributed architecture

Post date: 02 July 2013

The Semantic Digital Archives (SDA) workshop series fosters innovative discussion of knowledge representation and knowledge management solutions specifically