Post date: 31 October 2012

Google Research Awards are one-year awards structured as unrestricted gifts to universities to support the work of world-class full-time faculty members at top universities

Post date: 31 October 2012

Registration has opened for a Framing the Digital Curation Curriculum: A DigCurV workshop, a free one-day event which forms part of the ongoing work to design a Curriculum Framework

Post date: 30 October 2012

Open to all DHSI attendees, the colloquium starts on the second day of the institute and takes place during sessions that begin and end each day. Presentations will be informal

Post date: 24 October 2012

Registration is now open for the ninth conference of the European Society for Textual Scholarship, "Editing Fundamentals: Historical and Literary Paradigms in Source

Post date: 22 October 2012

As the use of digital data has become a common practice, the multiplication of collections of data and the resources invested in their set-up and maintenance raise questions

Post date: 04 October 2012

In recent years historians of technology have studied the technological production, re-production, use and epistemological status of images—in short, the visual culture of the history

Post date: 02 October 2012

Reminder: the deadline approaches for proposals to Digital Humanities 2013, to be held in Lincoln, Nebraska this July! Proposals can now be submitted online: