EADH calls for funding proposals

Small Grants

EADH members are invited to apply for financial support for initiatives coherent with the scope of EADH's activities, as stated in the Article 2 of our Constitution:

The objectives of the Association are to promote the advancement of education in the digital humanities, through the development and use of computational methods in research and teaching in the Humanities and related educational disciplines.

The next deadline for submitting a proposal is September 30 and a maximum of five grants of 1000 Euros each will be awarded during this call.

To submit a proposal, please send your application to grants@eadh.org. The results will be communicated to the participants and publicly announced by November 15.

Who can apply?

The call is open to all disciplines in the Humanities. Early-career researchers (from graduate students to postdoctoral researchers up to and including the fifth year after completion of the PhD) are encouraged to apply. Applications must come from intended beneficiaries directly – it is not possible to redistribute the grants (for example in the form of bursary schemes) to other recipients under the terms of this call. The applicant must be an EADH member at the time of sending the application (How to become a member).

What are EADH Small Grants for

EADH Small Grants might cover:

  • research time for an ongoing project;

  • research time to start a new project;

  • research time to finalize a project;

  • organization of an event;

  • travels to work collaboratively;

  • purchase of equipment for a specific project.

How to apply?

Please submit:

  • A proposal (1000 to 1500 words excluding bibliography), including the state of the art of the appropriate field, the methodology and the goals you want to achieve. A detailed timeline should be included; please note that the goals should be achieved within one year from the public announcement.

  • An itemized budget breakdown, for up to 1000 € per grant.

  • A CV from the person applying for the grant evidencing experience, skills, and knowledge relevant to the field of the proposed project.

Which are the evaluation criteria?

Each proposal will be evaluated by at least three EADH Executive Committee members; the evaluators have the possibility to request the pro veritate opinion of an external expert. 

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • completeness of application (note that due to the expected volume of applications, incomplete applications will be immediately rejected) 

  • scientific soundness of application (methodology, clarity, feasibility);

  • applicant's CV

  • career stage of the applicant (note that priority will be given to early-career researchers) ;

  • access of the applicant to other funding (e.g. working in a big project or not).

What happens if you obtain a grant?

EADH Small Grants holders are requested to sign an agreement with EADH, where they commit to accomplish their proposal within one year from the public announcement and to submit a report at the end of this period. The report (1000 to 1500 words) should address the goals listed in the original proposals as well as present its scientific outcomes; in case an event has been sponsored or equipment purchased, original receipts should be attached and itemized. The report will be published on the EADH website. EADH support must be acknowledged on scientific products co-financed through this scheme, in an Acknowledgments section and/or using a logo. EADH commits to pay the grant after goals achievement, when the report is submitted. The entire sum may be paid upfront in case the nature of the project requires it (for example, presenting supplier's quotes). EADH Small Grants holders will not be able to participate in future calls for three years.