Small Grants Scheme 2020-2021 results

As part of the Small Grants Scheme 2020-2021 competition, we received 32 applications, covering a wide range of topics with a variety of intended outcomes, such as tools, databases, and networking events. Thus, we were tasked with the exceedingly difficult mission of making a selection from this wide pool of very interesting and diverse proposals. 

Due to the unanticipated interest manifested by our community (and the difficulty that this year has presented both professionally and personally for many researchers), the EADH Executive Committee decided to supplement the budget for the Small Grants Scheme by funding two extra projects according to their post-evaluation ranking. Consequently, we have mutually agreed to finance seven projects instead of the five that we initially planned to fund.

Below we present the alphabetical list of Small Grant recipients and the projects that they will carry out:

  • Oksana Maistat, Open Database “Soviet Film Exhibition during the New Economic Policy”

  • Emily Ohman, Coding for Digital Humanities: An online interactive Python course specifically for humanities students

  • Dr. Annamária-Izabella Pázsint, Romans 1 by 1. Augusta Traiana et territorium

  • Dr. Gamze Saygi, A digital exploration of spatial movements in Amsterdam at Premodern Times

  • Dr. Kathryn Simpson, Ruled Margins: Annie R. Taylor’s Journeys to Tibet

  • Tamara Shogaolu, Echoes of Silence

  • Ilia Uchitel, Soviet Yiddish Press Digitization start-up project

We would like to extend our warmest congratulations to these applicants!

We would also like to take this opportunity to encourage those who were not selected to continue applying for local and international funding schemes. We know that especially now, it is very difficult to get bad news. But our inability to fund your project is not an indication of your value as a scholar in our community. And although this round was particularly competitive, if we had been able to afford the expense, more than seven projects would have been funded. Please, we urge you, do not give up.