EADH2020: 22 to 25 September, Krasnoyarsk (Russia)

The European Association for Digital Humanities, the European constituent organization in the ADHO, is holding its second conference (EADH2020) from 22 to 25 September 2020 in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. The conference will strengthen the scientific, institutional and cultural relations between the members of the DH communities in Europe, the Mediterranean area and the parts of the world where major DH conferences have never been held before. EADH2020 Programme Committee represents the EADH Associate Organizations, DHBenelux, the EADH direct membership, Humanistica and HDH. The conference Local Organizing Committee involves several Russian universities, from Moscow State University to Saint Petersburg Research IT University to universities in Siberia, implying the diversity of DH traditions in a huge country. Siberian Federal University, the venue of EADH2020, is located in Russia’s geographic centre, and has been a place of integration of epistemic cultures in Digital Humanities. The university will be happy and honored to receive conference attendees from Europe and other parts of the world. Traveling to Russia to attend a conference implies receiving a Russian visa of so called Humanitarian type so it is better to keep it in mind when planning the trip. The details of visa arrangements will be published on the EADH2020 web site. The conference call for papers will be published shortly.