launches new digital platform to preserve collective memory

Platform opens the Portuguese Folk Balladry heritage to the general public, a project coordinated by Pere Ferré and Sandra Boto, at University of Algarve - Center for Research in Arts and Communication (CIAC-Portugal), launch, recently a digital web-platform that opens to the general public the Portuguese Romanceiro Archive, a piece of heritage within the framework of Portuguese Folk Poetry.

This digital platform aims to disseminate the huge corpus of the Portuguese Folk Balladry (the so called ‘romanceiro’) to a non-specialized audience, offering to the user, through a renewed website (, a set of new resources and new research tools that allow direct and documented access to the more than 10,000 versions of folk ballads collected from the Portuguese oral tradition.

The project presents, as main goals, to bring new digital and philological methodologies into the field of the narrative folk poetry in the pan-hispanic context, and also to provide public and free access to its content. It allows, through this interactive platform, the collaboration of the user, by the sending of new materials (notes, audio records, videos, and transcriptions) related to the Portuguese Folk Ballads.

Moreover, the digital platform also allows the user to know a little more about the project, about the History of the “Romanceiro” archive and, even, to get access to a set of bibliographic resources as output of the work developed by the research team.

So, it is a privilege and great pleasure to introduce you the project, a technological based project that crosses the analogical boundaries to, through the digital media, continue to preserve the poetical repertoire of centuries and centuries of generations. Know the platform at and know more about the project!