Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at Universität Trier

15 Aug 2017 - 00:00

The Trier Center for Digital Humanities at Trier University is delighted to offer a 12-month postdoctoral research fellowship starting at the earliest possibility with an option to extend the fellowship until 31 December 2018. The fellowship is awarded within the frame of the Rhineland-Palatinate research initiative.

Since its foundation in 1998, the TCDH has developed to become a nationally as well as internationally renowned centre for Digital Humanities. It aims to support research projects and scholarship in the humanities, cultural and social sciences with its development and implementation of innovative methods and techniques in information technologies – thus contributing to establishing and advancing new research approaches in the aforementioned fields as well as in computational sciences. The centre’s main research include digital philology, digital cultural sciences, semantic data analysis, and software systems. We index, network, and develop visualisations for foundational works in the humanities and cultural sciences (e.g. lexica, editions, primary sources), publish dictionaries and multifunctional editions online, and open up new perspectives on the scholarly analysis of sources, documents, artefacts, and other ‘objects of knowledge’. In order to do so, we use methods of network analysis to discover and visualise relationships between components and analyse structural meanings and similarities of texts with the help of statistical methods. In addition, we develop software solutions, tools, and virtual research environments tailored specifically to meet requirements to answer ambitious research questions in the humanities and cultural sciences. Our guiding philosophy is the consistent implementation of open standards.

Eligible within the frame of this scholarship are projects directly connected to the working fields of the TCDH as outlined above. Applicants are expected to initiate own projects. Interdisciplinary projects are welcome.

The scholarship amounts to 1,900€ per month and is supplemented with funds to cover project-related travel expenses. Child benefits are paid at a rate of 400€ per month for the first child and 100€ per month for every other child (for definition of ‘child’ see § 2 Sect. 1 Bundeskindergeldgesetz).

The successful applicant agrees to not take up other forms of employment during the funding period, have his/her main address in the city of Trier, and partake in events and activities of the TCDH. The scholarship holder is required to provide interim and final reports of his/her progress.

Applicants are required to hold a doctoral degree in the humanities, to have contributed relevant research to the field of digital humanities, and to have a very good command of the English language.

Applicants are required to submit the following documents:

  • CV (including detailed information on academic career)
  • degree certificates (schools, institutions of higher education; copies)
  • project summary (10-15 pages, highlighting connectivity to TCDH, including time  schedule)

The summary should adhere to the following structure:

  1. introduction
  2. state of the art in the respective research area
  3. summary of applicant’s work in the field (if available)
  4. concise research question
  5. project and time schedule
  6. bibliography.
  • two letters of recommendation highlighting the applicant’s qualification and academic potential (to be handed in by the referees).

Applications should be sent as a single PDF file by 15 August 2017 to the Academic Director of the TCDH, Prof Dr Claudine Moulin, Universität Trier, Fachbereich II/ Germanistik, D-54286 Trier, email

For further information, please contact TCDH Executive Directors Dr Thomas Burch ( or Dr Vera Hildenbrandt (