Day of DH

3 May 2015 - 00:00

It is a pleasure for us to announce that the DayofDH 2015 website has just been opened. We invite you to visit its website, to join our community and to spread this message across mailing lists, social networks and other channels in order to reach the maximum number of Digital Humanists!

Our purpose is to answer the question: What do digital humanists do? and see which the panorama in 2015 is. The “Day” or official closing date to add content to the website and blogs is May 19th. This year we offer two novelties: DayofDH is hosted for the first time outside North America, in Madrid by LINHD (Digital Humanities Innovation Lab @UNED), and, for that reason, we have tried to organize a “bilingual” DayofDH and to offer both an English and a Spanish version of the contents of our website. We encourage you to translate your posts and to help others translating!