Project Bamboo Newsletter

20 Jan 2012 - 00:00

Project Bamboo is pleased to announce the release of its quarterly newsletter "Bamboo News".

The inaugural winter 2012 issue, "From Planning to Implementation"<>, describes what Bamboo has been developing since fall 2010, in response to the needs described by scholars, librarians and IT professionals during the 2008-2010 Bamboo Planning Process. Future issues will continue to center around a theme, whether targeted at the digital humanities, collections, the citizen scholar or newly released tools. Let us know what you are interested in. We hope the release of this newsletter will provoke
discussion and feedback as to the work and overall direction of Project Bamboo. Indeed, we welcome your feedback!

Please email comments, inquiries, or requests to be added to our mailing list (electronic or print copy) to Emma Millon, Community Lead at feedback [at] lists [dot] projectbamboo [dot] org.

For further information on Project Bamboo please visit