Spring School "Digital Edition", Vienna, February 6-10

1 Dec 2011 - 00:00

The Institute for Documentology and Scholarly Editing (IDE) in cooperation with the International Center for Archival Sciences (ICARus)
and the Institute for Austrian Historical Research (IfÖG) has set up another Spring School on "Digital Edition" http://www.i-d-e.de/events-des-ide/spring-school-2012 . It will take place in Vienna 6.-10.2012 and will introduce into XML, the TEI, other connected techniques and standards and the theory of digital editing.

The school is adressed to young and more experienced scholars working on a critical scholarly edition who are interested in getting an idea of the concepts of digital editing and learning the basic skills to create one by themselves.

The school will be held in German. If you are interested in participating please send a short presentation of your project to