Executive Committee

Members of the Executive Committee are elected by the Annual General Meeting of the Association. There are nine members of the committee, each serving a three year term. At each AGM three members retire, and three are elected. Retiring members may be nominated for re-election. Current members are:

2019 - 2022

Merisa Martinez

Anna-Maria Sichani

Rada Varga

2018 – 2021

Silvie Cinková

Mikko Tolonen

2017 – 2020

fabio ciotti

Fabio Ciotti

corina moldovan

Corina Moldovan

elena spadini

Elena Spadini

inna kizhner

Inna Kizhner

2016 – 2019

aurélien berra

Aurélien Berra

claire clivaz

Claire Clivaz

leif isaksen

Leif Isaksen

2015 – 2018

maurizio lana

Maurizio Lana


Past Exec Members

daniel alves

Daniel Alves

elena gonzález blanco

Elena González-Blanco

christian-emil ore

Christian-Emil Ore

jan rybicki

Jan Rybicki

david beavan

David Beavan

tomoji tabata

Tomoji Tabata

espen ore

Espen Ore

dino buzzetti

Dino Buzzetti