Claire Clivaz

After seven years as professor at the University of Lausanne (New Testament and Digital Humanities), Claire Clivaz is now Head of Digital Enhanced Learning at the SIB (Associated Senior Scientist). She leads her researches in an interdisciplinary way, at the crossroad of New Testament and the digital transformations of knowledge. She leads the development of the etalks, a multimedia publication tool, as well as a Swiss National Fund HumaReC and participates with six other European countries to a strategic partenariat ERASMUS+ in Digital Humanities. She is a member of several scientific committees (ADHO steering committee, EADH steering committee, IGNTP, Humanistica, etc.) and editorial boards (NTS, Digital Religion de Gruyter, etc.). She is co-leading a series with David Hamidovic by Brill ┬źDigital Biblical Studies┬╗, and research groups in DH (SBL, EABS).