The passing of Prof. Dino Buzzetti

Dino Buzzetti

Dear colleagues, dear EADH community,

It is with immense sadness that I must inform you of the passing of Prof. Dino Buzzetti on Sunday, 23 April. Dino was one of the most profound and insightful minds in the Digital Humanities, and his theoretical contributions have been a source of inspiration for many generations of scholars. Dino was a member of the Executive of EADH and President and co-founder of AIUCD, the Italian digital humanities association. AIUCD was the first national DH association in Europe to become an Associate Organization of EADH, also and especially at his behest. For me personally, he was a master and a friend whose passing opened a void that is difficult to fill.
Farewell Dino,

Fabio Ciotti

Chair EADH Executive Committee