30 Apr 2022 - 00:00

23–25 June 2022 | University of Vienna

Call for Participants   

Dates and events can present problems to Digital Humanists who want to work with and model this data. Incomplete information, disparate formats and ambiguity are some of the problems that await researchers. While conventions exist for the organising of date, time, and event data (Extended Date and Time Format, CIDOC-CRM, OWL-Time among others) these cannot capture every need.

Due to the technical challenges of working with this type of data, the Digital Humanities Team at the University of Vienna is organizing a hackathon on the themes of Time in Event Modelling, Periodization, and Ordering (TEMPO) from 23 to 25 June 2022. We would like to invite interested participants in the digital humanities community, particularly those with an interest in coding, to this three-day event.

On the first day of the event, participants will be invited to make propose topics and problems related to the theme of the hackathon that they wish to work on. Working-groups will then be formed from the participants to investigate these problems. The working groups will be flexible and participants will be welcome to work on multiple topics throughout the course of the event. With this in mind, participants are invited to bring suggestions for potential topics and lines of enquiry with them to the event.

Our intention is to hold the event in person, with the caveat that the continued pandemic may necessitate changes to the format of the event. The hackathon will include a keynote lecture and social events for the participants. Small bursaries will be available as necessary for the covering of travel costs.

If you would like to attend this Hackathon, please contact with the subject “TEMPO Hackathonby 30 April 2022, stating your current institutional affiliation (if any) and your motivation for participating in the  hackathon. Please also specify whether you are applying for a bursary. 


Daniel Knox and Elisabetta Magnanti

Hackathon TEMPO Organisers