EADH2021: deadline extended to 24 January 2021

24 Jan 2021 - 00:00

As all over Europe and beyond the new year, instead of allowing us to look towards brighter times, starts with ever more severe lockdowns, with closed schools and libraries and with smart working, causing real hardship for so many of our colleagues, the PC of EADH2021 together with the Exec of EADH decided to extend the deadline for submissions to 24 January 2021. 

With this extension we want to give all the people who planned to submit a proposal for EADH2021, but find themselves now struggling with the pressures put on them by regulations, which are much harder to cope with during winter than during other times of the year,  the chance to finish their proposals and to look forward to presenting their work, meeting their colleagues and exchanging ideas with them at the conference in Krasnoyarsk.

Wishing all our colleagues the very best and notwithstanding everything satisfaction with the work they do, good health and many moments which induce joy

Your EADH2021 PC and EADH Exec