Survey: How many people would need indexed proceedings from DH conferences?

30 Jun 2020 - 00:00

Dear colleagues, 

I apologize for unsolicited e-mail, but I will anyway hazard a question to you: how important is placing your publications in venues indexed in WoS/Scopus, actually? Would you like the major Digital Humanities conferences to publish all accepted papers in indexed proceedings or in a special issue of a well-indexed journal, say, Digital Scholarship in the Humanities? Do your grant providers or employers care?

This has been a burning issue for me, since my national research evaluation system (Czechia) hardly considers other type of publications, in particular conference papers. This means that I cannot even report papers from the two major DH (ADHO, EADH) conferences as grant outputs anywhere. Is it a country-  or discipline-specific problem, or a common one, so that it would deserve being raised with the conference organizers?

Please help me find out by filling out a very short and anonymous form here:

I am looking forward to your responses in the form or any feedback to me directly. Feel free to spread this message at your discretion. The form will stay open till end June 2020.

Best regards,
Silvie Cinkova


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