**Deadline extended** DH2020

22 Oct 2019 - 00:00

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) invites
contributions of proposals for its annual conference, Digital Humanities
2020: "Carrefours/Intersections".

The conference will be held July 20-25, 2020 at Carleton University and the
University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Canada. Conference Submissions will be
welcomed from August 15- October 15 22, 2019. More details are available at

The theme of the 2020 conference is "Carrefours/Intersections", a place
where roads or streets meet. We specifically invite proposals that relate
to our sub-disciplinary conference interests
(http://dh2020.adho.org/guidelines/conference-details/#theme): First
Nations, Native American, and Indigenous Studies; public digital
humanities; and the open data movement. We welcome all who identify
themselves as working in the broad variety of disciplines, methodologies,
and pedagogies that the digital humanities encompasses.

Submissions may include:

   - Posters (http://dh2020.adho.org/guidelines/conference-details/#poster)
   (abstract 250-500 words)
   - Lightning talks
   (http://dh2020.adho.org/guidelines/conference-details/#lightning) (5
   minutes; abstract 200-250 words)
   - Short presentations
   minutes; abstract 250-500 words)
   - Long presentations
   minutes; abstract 750-1000 words)
   - Panels (http://dh2020.adho.org/guidelines/conference-details/#panels)
   (90 minutes; abstract 250 words + 300-500 word overview)
   - Forums (http://dh2020.adho.org/guidelines/conference-details/#forum)(90
   minutes; abstract 500 words)
   - Pre-conference workshops and tutorials
   hours or 4 hours; 250-word overview plus syllabus and/or relevant existing

Please consult the full call for proposals in your selected language:
Algonquin (http://dh2020.adho.org/cfps/cfp-anishinabeg/), English
(http://dh2020.adho.org/cfps/cfp-english/), French
(http://dh2020.adho.org/cfps/cfp-francais/), Spanish
(http://dh2020.adho.org/cfps/cfp-espanol/), German
(http://dh2020.adho.org/cfps/cfp-deutsch/), Italian
(http://dh2020.adho.org/cfps/cfp-italiano/) for more details.

In addition, we welcome nominations for the following:

   - Keynote & Plenary Panelist Nominations
   - Conference Reviewers (http://dh2020.adho.org/cfps/reviewers/)

Questions related to this announcement should be directed to the DH2020
Program Chairs, Laura Estill and Jennifer Guiliano at pc2020@adho.org