Join the ADHO Steering Committee!

1 Aug 2017 (All day)

The Alliance of Digital Humanities (ADHO) is looking for enthusiastic Digital Humanists who would like to actively help further DH in all its breadth and diversity on a global scale. The ADHO Steering Committee (SC) has several vacancies to be filled, starting August 8, 2017, until July 1st 2018 (when the governance structure of ADHO will change). Extensions of service in some comparable roles after July 1, 2018, may be considered.

If you’re interested in helping ADHO and the worldwide DH community become a more transparent, inclusive, and beneficial network for the many organizations and individuals that make up the ADHO community, then please consider becoming a candidate for one of these volunteer offices. Current and former office-holders are available to answer your questions and to help orient you to the work involved. Please address your questions to, and your question will be forwarded to the relevant office-holder(s).

If you or someone you know would be perfect for one of these roles, you are kindly invited to make a nomination to one of ADHO’s seven Constituent Organizations (all of which are listed, with contact information, at – preferably having already asked permission from the person you have in mind. Please send your nomination to, and your nomination will be forwarded to the relevant Constituent Organization.

The deadline for stating your interest in such a role, or for nominating someone else, is August 1, 2017. A short summary of your expertise and brief statement of your motivation will be helpful as well. The Steering Committee will gather all nominations for discussion and selection (by vote) during its annual meeting on Tuesday, August 8, 2017.

The vacancies are as follows:

  • two Steering Committee Secretaries;
  • a Deputy Treasurer;
  • Chair of the Awards Committee;
  • Chair of the Publications Committee;
  • Membership Coordinator;
  • Communications Officer.

For more details for each of these, check out the full announcement.