FCSH Digital Humanities Summer School (Lisbon, 5-8 of September 2017)

5 Sep 2017 - 00:00

The ”FCSH Digital Humanities Summer School: Research methods & Problem-solving” aims at providing concrete answers to specific needs and challenges emerging from projects carried out by master and PhD students, and post-doctoral researchers in the arts, humanities and social sciences. The workshops planned will be delivered by qualified international scholars and professionals aiming to improve, trough theoretical analysis and technological resources, the specific research challenges of the attendees.

Workshops will be organized in a collaborative and interdisciplinary environment to:

  • Focus the Digital Humanities approach on questions raised by students, scholars and professionals;
  • Facilitate the choice of methods, tools and techniques;
  • Shape the research outcomes trough a digital environment;
  • Improve collaborative research and information sharing.

“Tailored to what you need” is the principle that guides and inspires this summer school structured in the following interconnected workshops:

  1. Network analysis for historical and archaeological data
  2. Spatial visualisation of historical and archaeological data

More information and details about registration here: http://ihc.fcsh.unl.pt/en/scientific-meetings/call-for-papers/item/41806-fcsh-digital-humanities-summer-school or by email (digital.humanities@fcsh.unl.pt).