JOB: Associate professorship in Digital Humanities, Univ. of Copenhagen DK

The permanent position is to be filled by May 1, 2017r, - closing date for application 01-02-2017. 

Job content

The position contains research and teaching as well as administration and management according to current standard requirements at The Royal School of Library and Information Science (RSLIS), the Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen.

The associate professor at RSLIS is expected to carry out research at a high international level, research  which is also expected to have impact – both within the research community and within wider society. Furthermore, the associate professor will contribute actively to the development of a collective research environment.

The job description includes development, planning and administration of the BA and MA programs in Information Science and Cultural Communication as well as teaching within central areas in these programs. The associate professor will contribute actively to synergy between education and research as well as to the general quality development of our study programs.

Within a reasonable period of time (max. 2 years), non-Danish-speaking appointees are expected to acquire proficiency in Danish sufficient to teach in Danish as well as interact with colleagues and students.

Qualification requirements

The successful candidate must have a research profile within Digital Humanities with a focus on open data in digital heritage and/or citizen involvement in digital heritage, for instance through crowdsourcing, co-creation or ”do-it-yourself” culture”. In addition, the candidate should have excellent teaching qualifications within relevant subjects of Information Science and Cultural Communication. Documented qualifications in IT, preferably including experience with programming, will be considered an advantage when assessing applicants’ qualifications.

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For further details about the qualification requirements for associate professors, please refer to the job structure for academic staff:
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