IDEA, a new association on Digital Epigraphy

On May 9th 2016 a group of core partners of the EAGLE Project (Europeana network of Ancient Greek and Latin Epigraphy) founded The International Digital Epigraphy Association (IDEA) in order to to continue the mission that the EAGLE project has started and to keep together as network both people and institutions interested in the field of digital epigraphy.

IDEA has the aim to expand and to enlarge the results of EAGLE, providing a sustainability model to ensure the long-term maintenance of the project results and to continue to cope with its original aims.

The main goal of IDEA is the promotion of the use of the most advanced methodologies in the research, study, enhancement and publication of the ‘written monuments’, beginning with those of Antiquity, in order to increase knowledge of them at multiple levels of expertise, from that of specialists to that of the occasional tourist.

IDEA first General Assembly and its very first presentation to wider audience was held in Pisa (Italy) on September, 28th 2016 (EAGLE e IDEA. Il futuro dell’epigrafia digitale). IDEA has been established as a non-profit association with a democratic structure, political independence, open to both natural and legal persons, institutions, public or private bodies, companies, and other associations.

To have more details about goals of the Association, its Statute and fees, please contact:

To join to IDEA, fill in this form and send your payment receipt to Director of IDEA, dr. Anita Rocco: