ToC: International Journal for Digital Art History

4 Nov 2016 - 00:00

Issue #2: Visualizing Big Image Data

The DAH-Journal is a Open Access platform for projects and ideas, for networking, expanding knowledge and pushing forward our discipline, Art History. We are proud to announce that the second issue “Visualizing Big Image Data” is now available.

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Harald Klinke, Liska Surkemper
Big Image Data as new research opportunity in Art History

Harald Klinke
Big Image Data within the Big Picture of Art History

Featured Article

Maximilian Schich
Figuring Out Art History

Showing Digitized Corpora

Babak Saleh, Ahmed Elgammal
Large-scale Classification of Fine-Art Paintings. Learning The Right Metric on The Right Feature

Mathias Bernhard
Gugelmann Galaxy. An Unexpected Journey through a collection of Schweizer Kleinmeister

Artistic Data and Network Analysis

Stefka Hristova
Images as Data. Cultural Analytics and Aby Warburgís Mnemosyne

Matthew D. Lincoln
Social Network Centralization Dynamics in Print Production in the Low Countries, 1550- 1750


Harald Klinke, Liska Surkemper
In Conversation with George Legrady: Experimenting with Meta Images. Artistic Approaches meet Computational Methods

Case Studies

Damon Crockett
Direct Visualization Techniques for the Analysis of Image Data

Carsten Dilba, Marian Dˆrk, Katrin Glinka, Christopher Pietsch
Linking structure, texture and context in a visualization of historical drawings by Frederick William IV (1795-1861)


Peter Bell
Computing Art. A Summer School for Digital Art History

Caroline Bruzelius
The Visualizing Venice Summer Program ìThe Biennale and the Cityî