CfP: 2nd European Association for the Digital Humanities Symposium (EADH Day)

1 Jan 2016 (All day)

The Second Annual European Association for the Digital Humanities Symposium (EADH Day) will be held in conjunction with the 3rd International Conference of the "Association Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen Raum (Digital Humanities in German speaking regions)" which will take place at the University of Leipzig from the 7th to the 12th of March 2016. The main theme of this conference is “Modellierung - Vernetzung - Visualisierung. Die Digital Humanities als fächerübergreifendes Forschungsparadigma” (Modelling - Networking - Visualisation. Digital Humanities as a transdisciplinary research paradigm). The 2nd EADH day will open in the evening of the 7th of March and continue on the 8th of March until just before the opening of DHd 2016.

The objective of EADH days is to raise awareness for DH research activities beyond the regional conference context. The format of EADH day is designed to facilitate exchange and networking initiatives among European DH research communities.

Participants may contribute directly to the EADH Day agenda in two ways:

  • Through presentations of a 5 minute lightning talk featuring either recent research developments or key topics of interest to the digital humanities community (e.g. ‘The potential of Linked Data for annotating medieval music scores’). Participants wishing to present lightning talks should provide a two-page abstract of the presentation in English which will be made available online prior to the event.
  • Through the proposition of a challenge for participants to address during the event related to the themes of:
    • Integrating research and teaching
    • Integrating different communities
    • Integrating the global and the local
    • Integrating different scholarly domains

Challenges can be presented in creative ways. Round tables with respondents and / or speakers / audience sharing the stage in turns, multimedia presentations, short sketches, students's projects, are only some of the formats which come to mind.

Challenges should take the form of an open question (e.g. ‘How do we teach Digital Humanities?’ ‘What is the social resonance of Digital Humanities?’, ‘What is the contribution of Digital Humanities to collective memory and public history?’ etc.), with one or two paragraphs of text justifying its significance.

Proposals should be submitted via ConfTool ( by the 31st of January 2016. Information in English about the submission process will be available soon at Lightning talks and challenges will be selected by an EADH panel.

Presentation of a lightning talk or a challenge is not a requirement to particpate and anyone may register to attend the event via the website.

Participation in the 2nd EADH day is free of charge for registered participants of DHd 2016. For people who only choose to take part in the 2nd EADH day fees are as follows:

  • Members of EADH AOs / ADHO CO
    • Regular members € 30,00
    • Students (BA, MA), doctoral students without employment, unemployed € 10,00
  • Non members of EADH AOs / ADHO COs
    • Regular participants € 60,00
    • Students (BA, MA), doctoral students without employment, unemployed € 25,00
EADH Day is supported financially and administratively by the European Association for the Digital Humanities (EADH) in collaboration with its Associated Organisations.