The first EADH Day

12 May 2015 - 00:00

8th October, UNED (National University for Distance Education – Open University) Madrid, Spain

The first annual European Association for Digital Humanities Symposium (EADH Day) will be held in conjunction with the 2nd International Conference of the Hispanic Digital Humanities Association at UNED, and hosted by LINHD in Madrid. The purpose of the event is to provide the principal annual focus for practitioners of Digital Humanities in Europe to network and discuss common challenges and opportunities.

Participants may contribute directly to EADH Day agenda in two ways:

  • Through a 5 minute lightning talk presenting either recent research developments or key topics of interest to the digital humanities community (e.g. ‘The potential of Linked Data for annotating medieval music scores’). Participants wishing to present lightning talks should provide a two-page abstract of the presentation in English which will be made available online prior to the event.
  • Through the proposition of a challenge for participants to address during the event related to the themes of:
    collaborating across borders
    collaborating across languages
    collaborating across disciplines
    collaborating across curricula
    Challenges should take the form of an open question (e.g. ‘Does DH have an impact on minority languages? How can it strengthen their use and support research on them?’), with one or two paragraphs of text justifying its significance.

Submissions should be sent via this web by May 15th and lightning talks and challenges will selected by an EADH panel. Presentation of a lightning talk or challenge is not a requirement and anyone may register to attend the event via the website.