DRHA 2013: Digital Resources for the Humanities and Arts

31 Jan 2013 - 00:00


Forthcoming DRHA 2013 Conference:

University of Winchester

DRHA 2013: Digital Resources for the Humanities and Arts

Reconceptualising Digital Creativity; Re-mapping Behaviour,

Engagement and the way we Archive in the 21st Century;

Date: Sunday 21st July - Wednesday 24th July 2013.

The theme of this conference will focus on the need to re-conceptualize the ways in which we engage with digital technology in particular regard to the speed with which we are exposed to new technologies. As societies around the world face fundamental
ecological, demographic and economic changes, we are forced to re-evaluate our relationship with natural and digital resources. Also, as the next generation of digital natives start to design new interactive futures, the old paradigms of knowledge exchange, and social interaction are making way for socialized gaming and crowd sourcing. The focus for this conference will be to re-imagining new and contemporary ways for designing digital engagement, looking at possible events and social practices that lay just around the corner. Interdisciplinary processes are assumed strategies in this conference so that we can focus on how we can, using contemporary technology, map the emerging digital and social landscape

  • Assess and engagement
  • Managing the shift demographically from passivity to interactivity
  • Digital Architectonics, designing the future
  • Generating subjective and objective understanding through a performance paradigm
  • Digital mobility; imaging, GPS and mobile technologies
  • Somatics; mapping interior spaces
  • Open sources and social mediation
  • Digital mapping of new theories and territories
  • Holography and communication
  • Blurring the boundaries between performances inside and outside
  • Mapping liminal and liminoid structures in new digital rituals
  • Access to digital archives of the preservation local and global knowledge
  • Interdisciplinarity, interactivity and performance
  • Using digital resources in collaborative creative work, teaching and learning and scholarship
  • Dance and interactive technologies
  • Mapping new model of business with reference to sustainability
  • Virtual worlds, virtual robots and the gaming industry

There will be a selection of papers from the conference, which will be published in an issue of the peer reviewed journal BST: Body, Space & Technology this year.

For over 10 years Digital Resources in the Humanities and Arts (DRHA) continues to be a key gathering for all those are influenced by the digitization of cultural activity, recourses and heritage in the UK.
This includes: Scholars, teachers, artists, publishers, librarians, curators or archivists who all wish to extend and develop access and preservation regarding digitized information rendered from contemporary culture and scholarship; the information scientist seeking to apply new scientific and technical developments to the creation, exploitation and management of digital resources.

Keynote speakers will include.

  1. Janet H. Murray Professor - Graduate Program in Digital Media School of Literature, Communication and Culture Georgia Institute of Technology
  2. Johnny (Sue) Golding is the BIAD Professor of Philosophy & Fine Art and Director of the Centre for Fine Art Research (CFAR), The School of Art, Birmingham City
  3. Robert Pratten co-founder and Managing Director at Transmedia Storyteller Ltd
  4. Dr Hugh Denard - Assistant Professor in Digital Arts and Humanities, Trinity College Dublin

We invite original papers, panels, installations, performances, workshop sessions and other events that address the conference theme, with particular attention to the theme of ‘Re-mapping Behaviour, Engagement and the way we Archive’. We encourage proposals with innovative and non-traditional session formats.

Short presentations, for example work-in-progress, are invited for
poster presentations. Anyone wishing to submit a performance or
installation should visit the conference Website. Details will be
posted soon on the conference website www.winchester.ac.uk/DHRA

For information about the spaces and technical equipment and support available, please check the website for details. All the proposals, whether papers, performance or poster presentation, should reflect the
critical engagement that lies at the heart of DRHA.

Proposal to post on the Softconf website: http://www.softconf.com

The deadline for submissions will be 10th April 2013. Abstracts should be between 600 - 1000 words. Letters of acceptance will be sent by 15th of May 2013, when the conference registration will be opened.

Conference Fees

Accommodation with en-suite facilities our outline pricing for delegates are as follows:

  • Full conference fee with en-suite accommodation (Incl. Accommodation & all meals £390
  • Conference fee without accommodation (excl. conference dinner) £180
  • Conference fee without accommodation (incl. conference dinner) £190

Day Delegates

  • Sunday 21st July £40
  • Monday 22nd July £60
  • Tuesday 23rd (excl. conference dinner) £60
  • Tuesday 23rd (incl. conference dinner) £70
  • Wednesday 24th July £40

Discounted Postgraduate Fees

  • Full Conference with en-suite accommodation (University Room) £260
  • Sunday 21st July £30
  • Monday 22nd July £40
  • Tuesday 23rd (excl. conference dinner) £40
  • Tuesday 23rd (incl. conference dinner) £50
  • Wednesday 24th £30