Interedition 12th Bootcamp (15-18 July 2012, Hamburg)

14 Jun 2012 - 00:00

Interedition ( invites all interested scholars and hackers to participate in the upcoming Bootcamp, to be held alongside the DH2012 conference in Hamburg (

Interedition is raising the awareness of the importance of interoperability as a major driver for sustainability for tools and data in the field of digital scholarship. This activity takes two forms: firstly, meetings in which researchers in digital scholarship can network their knowledge of tools and the possibilities for their interoperability; secondly, the development of proof-of-concept implementations of interoperable tools.

The focus of this bootcamp is on tools and practices related to "digital collaboration" in all its forms. Topics and problems that could be addressed are (but certainly have not be limited to):

  • real time multi-user resource editing (like in Google Docs)
  • division of tasks and labour in user groups
  • exchange of data between different tools applied by users
  • sharing copyright protected data between users
  • how do users share data but keep it identifiable as their intellectual property?
  • tools for collaborative research
  • tools for crowdsourcing (e.g. for text transcription)
  • tools, processes, and methods for collaborative development within the Interedition community

The last point will be a focus of discussion as well as coding over the course of the bootcamp. Interedition has spent the four years of its tenure as a COST action advocating sustainable solutions for the development of digital tools; as we move into the next phase of our existence as an open-source development community, we will discuss and implement the infrastructure we need to sustain the community itself.


Participation in the bootcamp is free of charge, and is open to any interested participant subject to space constraint. If you wish to
participate, please send a short summary of your background and current work (no more than 150 words) to bootcamp[at] Preferably also state the topics you'd like to work on during the bootcamp.

Local Organizers

Marco Petris (Hamburg)
Jan Christoph Meister (Hamburg)