Hispanic Digital Humanities (International Association)

19 Dec 2011 - 00:00

In the frame of the Symposium on Digital Edition of Multiversion Texts, Carmen Isasi from the Universidad de Deusto and Sagrario López Poza from the Universidade da Coruña promoted, with the support of other scholers present in this meeting, prepared the foundational agreement of the International Association of Hispanic Digital Humanities (Asociación de Humanidades Digitales Hispánicas, HDH).

This association aims at promoting the exchange of experiences and the perspectives of collaboration among scholars in the field of the interconnections between Humanities and Computer Technologies; at stimulating study and teaching in this area, and at disseminating the work of its members, as well as promoting the organization of scientific meetings, conferences and regular seminars which deal with topics in this area of interest.

In the following months the rules and constitutional documents of the Association will be presented. All scholars interested in Hispanic Digital Humanities are invited to join the Association.